Urban art at Level2: a surprising meeting with Art Paint

Level2, a room for rent in Namur, meets an artist from Art Paint who is shaking up Street Art by integrating contemporary urban art into a modern and industrial building.

An explosive and unusual meeting between two artists at Level2

A meeting between Nicolas Bustin, who draw the very first sketches of the event room Level2, and François Coquel, the multifaceted painter from Art Paint. A colourful cooperation that brought creativity and originality to the place. Many dialogues allowed to find a mutual guideline, which is essential in the creation of a wall fresco.

Art Paint’s challenge was to integrate an artistic painting that would reflect the industrial and contemporary side of Level2.

When Street Art comes to a rented room in Namur

Nicolas immediately liked Art Paint's advice on using the STREET ART for his rental room. "For me, it reflects the industrial side of the place. Street Art revisited by Art Paint gives a soul to this RENTAL ROOM and has its place inside Level2". Street Art is reinventing itself in the trend of urban and contemporary architecture.

Nicolas Bustin has always wanted to be a pioneer by offering unusual concepts in order to stand out from other rental rooms in Namur. He has always had the wish to raise this room for rent to the next level. This is why Level2 is meaningful and has a special place in the region of Namur.

Level2, a rental room that combines art and ecology

Level2, the room for rent in Namur, is an eco-responsible event space. Several elements of the room are original works designed with recycled raw materials.

Wood scraps of various species have been collected to create a reception wall and a warm and original embossed wooden bar. Art Paint, sensitive to these creations and concerned to find a perfect harmony, was inspired by these different elements to suggest wall paintings in perfect match with the existing decor.

Many of our customers, who have visited rental rooms with white and cold walls, are delighted with Level2. They often tell us that there is very little need for decoration because the room itself with its wall paintings, wooden creations and LED chromatic wheel lighting directly create a classy and warm atmosphere.

Level2, a customisable room that suits all your events

Level2, as an event organizer, is at your disposal and fits your budget to create both private and professional events.

Paint Art’s wall painting have been chosen to suit both WEDDINGS and conferences, birthdays and staff meals. Feel free to CONTACT US and ask for a quote for your future event.

Level2, partner of your events, will do everything possible to make this moment unforgettable.

Video of Level2 and Art Paint

Art Paint gives you a behind-the-scene look of their work in THIS article.

Interested in discovering the meeting between Level2 and Art Paint? Then click on this link to see the video