Level2 then and now

Exclusive interview with Nicolas Bustin on the event space Level2. Level2 is a room for rent located in Namur (Wépion).

Nicolas Bustin gives us a behind-the-side look on Level2

Level2 then

Armony: Mr Bustin, Level2 hasn’t always been the modern room for rent that we know. What was there before?

Nicolas: In the 70s, the place was called “Le Verger” and its main activity was a catering service. They organised weddings and communions. In the years 2000, the room became a storage shed for fair equipment. And then from 2010 to 2012, Marie-Jeanne opens the “Ry des Anges” restaurant.

Level2, an ideal location

Armony: The place has always been active in the event sector. Do you think there’s a reason?

Nicolas: The location is ideal. Level2 is a room for rent located near the centre of Namur (10minutes by car). Our facility has a large private car-park, terraces and a green garden. It’s a considerable asset for the area of Namur. To visualise the place, you can go check our pictures and contact us to visit the room.

Level 2, an eco-friendly room

Armony: Level2 is an entirely renovated facility. Have you thought about your impact on the environment when you decided to set up this project?

Nicolas: Absolutely, Level2 is a completely eco-friendly place! First, in terms of material recovery. We used wood waste to create the wall in the corridor and the bar upstairs. In the kitchen, Level2 reused stainless steel installation for its professional kitchen. The terrace on the garden side is composed of concrete shuttering panels and its bar is made up of siding boards. From the point of view of the interior decoration of our rented room, I recovered spare parts from an aircraft. There is undoubtedly a soul in this industrial and contemporary building.

Level2, an astonishing lightning

Armony: And what are those Light Cubes outside that raise the attention?

Nicolas: These Light Cubes are made up of water containers of 1000l collected from a paint manufacturer and I settled multicolour LED lights inside. Every evening, each cube lights up in different colour. It gives a special touch to the place. Level2 is a very atypical facility.

Armony: You’ve mentioned outdoor lightning, but what have you done inside?

Nicolas: The building is fully equipped with LED lights that have a very low-power consumption. The lightning is powered by solar panels and is a colour wheel, which means that our clients can customise the whole room with the colours they want. Many lamps are home-made. I love using recyclable raw materials like wood or steel, this combination combined with warm light gives to our place a very cosy and trendy side. In the toilets, I put black lights for a nocturnal ambience and writings over the walls that suddenly appear when you turn the lights on.

Armony: What was your choice in terms of heating?

Nicolas: I chose heat pumps for their low-power consumption. The room for rent can accommodate private and corporate events and is equipped with a dual-flow ventilation for a natural and a good air circulation. The insulation is made up of cellulose from collected and treated newspaper. These are eco-citizens choices that seem very important to me.

Level2, an eco-friendly concept from top to bottom

Armony: You seem to have put a lot of time in this project indeed. Have you done some other eco-friendly choices?

Nicolas: Yes, even the wine is eco-friendly here! The Cellier des Chartreux delivers us wine in BIB rather than bottles. This trendy idea comes from Paris. It This avoids throwing bottles, corks, saving tags, and being delivered in larger quantities. One pallet of BIBs represents two pallets of bottles. This way, we reduce the impact of Co2 on several levels.

Armony: So, I guess you’re separating waste, then?

Nicolas: At Level2, we are sorting waste selectively and we are using oxo-biodegradable garbage bags. The cleaning of the room for rent is also made with microfiber cloth, very little water and no chemicals. Therefore, the place is entirely eco-friendly 😊

Level2 #MadeinBelgium

Armony: Are you following the “Made in Belgium” trend?

Nicolas: When it comes to catering products and material (tables and chairs), we are working with Belgian producers and manufacturers. We are putting forward Belgian artists during our events. The drawings on the walls have been made by a company of Namur. It’s true that the “Made in Belgium” is trendy and the proximity reduces our impact on the environment.

Level2, a professional marketing and business communication

Armony: Are those eco-friendly choices also part of your marketing strategy?

Nicolas: Of course! Our clients, private or professional, depend on their image during their event. Being eco-citizen isn’t a question of trend but of necessity. The demand is mainly from our corporate clients because it’s an added value in their external communication.

Armony: why did you choose that name, what does it mean?

Nicolas: I wanted to create an event space that could allow my clients to level up to the upper level, to the “Level 2”.

Armony: What makes you different from the other rooms for rent?

Nicolas: Those who already trusted us for their event emphasise our difference not only in terms of hospitality and the quality of services but also the quality of the catering service. This room for rent offers an on-going professionalism in great details. At Level2, nothing is left to chance. Our guests are properly welcomed. This is our greatest strength.

Level 2, a place for everything and everyone

Armony: Is your room for rent able to accommodate all kinds of events?

Nicolas: Yes, it’s a complete event space for all your private and professional events. Round and rectangular tables, with a U or classroom-style disposal, cocktail tables, etc… All disposals are possible to meet the needs of everyone.


Level2 took shape in 2012 thanks to Nicolas Bustin’s ambition. Engineer, creator and found of real estate, he set up this ambitious project to open a new room for rent in Namur. This way, he remedied a lack in the region by offering a very contemporary and entirely private event space with a large car-park, two terraces, a garden and infinite possibilities.