The 40m2 kitchen is equipped with a stove four burners, a cooker hood, an oven, a washbasin, a dishwashing area, a 3 litres capacity deep fryer, shelves, fridges and a freezer.

Your event will be sublimed by the skills of our “Chef Otago”.

Discover our CATERER OTAGO


Level2 has a contemporary lighting system with a million possibilities, both inside and outside. The dynamic RGB technology allows you to control the lighting’s colours and intensity. You will be the master of your own atmosphere and you will customise the place to your full desires and tastes.

Audio System

The entire BOSE system guarantees an ideal and peripheral sound system during your events. Moreover, our resident DJ has a full professional-quality equipment. Don’t hesitate to call on him, he has his license!

Discover the world of our resident DJ JULIAN MOOD MUSIC.


Level2 has a professional bar worthy of the greatest nightclubs and restaurants!

ALL-INCLUSIVE Formula: No unpleasant extras with this all-inclusive formula. Our staff will perfectly take care of you at the bar and/or in the room.

SELF-SERVICE Formula: You take care of the service yourself. Drinks are at your disposal in the fridge, at a fair price. This formula is only available for a maximum of 35 guests, either on a fixed price or at consumer price.

Spacious terrace of 60m2

This large terrace is the perfect place to greet your guests. It opens on directly to the bar and the garden. The atmosphere of our terrace will seduce you.

Our asset: The Light Cubes for a beautiful evening

Lovely terrace of 40m2

Enjoy the view without leaving the party with our terrace upstairs.

For our smoker friends, we can set up a heated parasol during cold nights.


Our parking area is easy to access, illuminated private and can accommodate up to 80 cars. For bigger events, another car-park located 100m away is also accessible.

Selfie station

Our 100% customisable Photo Box is at your disposal for all your events, whether privates or professionals.

At Level2, immortalise your day or evening with our instant Photo Box. Keep unforgettable memories of you and your friends or family by choosing one of our PHOTO PACKAGES.

Car with a driver

Make your arrival sensational with our Volkswagen Beetle. Your guests’ eyes will pop out! Level2 provides you with this original and atypical service. You will have the choice between our Volkswagen Beetle or a Tesla to impress your friends.

Complementary services

Give an original and exceptional touch to your event with our many other services:

DJ, Photograph, carousel, inflatable structures, children’s corner and child care, magician, fireworks, red carpet, heart-shaped bubbles, high-tech equipment and even balloon, lantern, birds or butterfly release.

We are entirely taking care of the organisation, so that you and your family can just enjoy the day!

Here at Level2, the only limit is your imagination.

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